Terms of Use

I stick to the basics!

First and foremost, we protect your data and privacy. We do not share ANY of your information and you are free to download and delete your account at anytime.

During the course of your interaction I only ask you be courteous to others. Arguments will happen but shouldn't escalate to some bitch fight stage. We all have passions, whether politics or needle craft. We should be able to have open discourse and not scream and shout. If you can't, I'd suggest Twitter is the place for you.

Invites and membership.

We are a closed platform, this means membership is ONLY available via a direct invite. These are limited and users will be expected to provide a real email address (not some bullshit disposable one). I'll be checking and you'll be blocked if you give me a BS one.

If our members/you want to invite someone then we only ask you ask the community for agreement. You will be held responsible for the invited persons content and actions.