About bla.gs
bla.gs gives you the free thinking adult the chance to voice your opinion without the worry of big tech censoring it.

What are we about

Or trying to achieve here. Ultimately as the title says we are trying our best with the support of our users to find a way to clear all the bullshit from the latest stories in the press. Creating a clearer pictures based on the idea of factual information. Checked and double checked, not the way the mainstream so called journalists do via a Google™ search and then accept the first option. We draw upon a range of sources and present a valid argument, an argument based on critical thinking.

Why here?

A question asked of many, the answer is pretty simple. The mainstream media have a close relationship with the Silicon Valley corporates that in turn have a tradition of 'de-platforming' anyone they disagree with. So the normal social media channels like Twitter™ or Facebook™ are not an option. Believe us, we've been banned several times for highlighting bullshit.

..and next?

That depends on you, this platform potentially will hold up to a million subscribers/members. The goal isn't to fill the platform but instead create a type of 'Banter Dark Web' scenario. One that allows people to share the content from sources, an aggregate system without the silicon police blocking the doors.

We control the destiny, you and me. So next, we seek the free Web we dream of and the Sir Tim Berners-Lee meant it to be.