About bla.gs
community of people looking for the real story behind the bigtech and media bullshit narratives that have polluted our lives.

Who and why? That's the main question!

The answer is simple, the who is me. I've set up this space to share discourse and news with like minded people. Regarding the why, not as simple but in short to keep both my data and your data safe from the prying eyes of others.

Bury your head deep in the sand but 'big tech' is out to make money from your data and information. They are happy to sell it like a cheap whore in a brothel.

Your part in this platfrom.

I ask only that you use the platform and be honest during your discourse on it. All information is private and you make the decision on who you share it with.

We DO NOT CENSOR discussion assuming it is relevant, but will virtually slap you for direct abuse.