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The VoiceOfWales team are out questioning the asylum seekers who are demonstrating over conditions at Penally Camp.

All this is orchestrated action by far left activists

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In other news those poor illegal migrants that sailed into our once great nation aren't happy with FREE room and board. They want their council house, 65 inch LED and Netflix.. Fucking jokers, throw them back in the sea... From a bout 10000 feet obviously...

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Here they come, already dreaming of FREE cash and 50+ inch TV's in their social housing funded by us, while they rape our children and rob out businesses.... Send them to the bottom of the Med, even sharks need to eat!! 🔥⛵🦈


Across Europe we are seeing the escalation of crime as the continent sees a huge influx of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East. Bringing their own medieval cultures to a modern world. Refusing and in many cases being encouraged to practice their beliefs, many that are contrary to our own.